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Following the information contained in the new edition of Milady's Standard Professional Barbering textbook, this test preparation course offers 1,000 multiple-choice questions.

Product Overview

Milady’s Online Licensing Preparation has helped tens of thousands of students to study for their State Board Licensing Examinations. In the course, you can select chapter-specific questions or comprehensive exam questions. The test questions correlate directly with Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering text.

Milady’s Online Licensing Preparation: Barbering provides an option after logging in that will allow the user to view the entire content in Spanish with the simple click of a button. Please select the Spanish/English button on the left navigation bar in order to change the language.

Features and Benefits

  • Follows the information contained in the related textbook.
  • Questions are typical of questions you may see on your actual licensing test, but they are not the exact questions from the exam. Using this course will help you become more familiar with the content covered on the exam.
  • Links are imbedded into the system which link back to the specific entry in the textbook-further reinforcing key topics and procedures.
  • Offers both review and chapter tests, as well as a comprehensive exam randomized each time you take it, to test your overall knowledge! It's fun and easy-to-use, and provides you with your test results with a click of a button. Both correct and incorrect answer rationales are given! It even stores information on your last five tests so you can track your progress!
  • Recognizes your unique user ID and pass code-scrambling the test questions to ensure you have a new exam every time you log on!
  • Unlimited access to the course for one year. Return as often as you'd like to test your skills and knowledge.

Ordering Information

2006 Individual Version
ISBN: 1-4180-5144-6

School Version
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1 – 15 Users ISBN: 1-4180-5148-9 | Price: $348.00
16 – 25 Users ISBN: 1-4180-5145-4 | Price: $543.75
26 – 50 Users ISBN: 1-4180-5146-2 | Price: $1,015.00
51 – 100 Users ISBN: 1-4180-5147-0 | Price: $1,885.00

Guided Tour


1. Study Skills
2. History of Barbering
3. Professional Image
4. Bacteriology
5. Infection Control & Safe Work Practices
6. Implements, Tools, & Equipment
7. Anatomy & Physiology
8. Chemistry
9. Electricity, & Light Therapy
10. Properties & Disorders of the Skin
11. Properties & Disorders of Hair
12. The Treatment of Hair & Scalp
13. Men’s Facial Massage & Treatments
14. Shaving & Facial Hair Design
15. Men’s Haircutting & Styling
16. Men’s Hairpieces
17. Women’s Haircutting & Styling
18. Chemical Texture Services
19. Hair Coloring
20. Nails & Manicuring
21. Barbershop Management
22. The Job Search
23. Licensing Laws & State Board Preparation

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